Welcome to Budva!

When talking about FREI, we inevitably have to mention the city in which it takes place – Budva. Budva is a perfect place for FREI gathering, due to both pleasant and mild climate as well as beautiful sea. Through all these years the host city tried to make the Festival as comfortable as possible for the participants.

Today, Budva is the metropolis of tourism, the city theatre, city of festivals and holidays. It is the summer stage of cultural events. In the summer, but also throughout the whole year, Budva is hosting numerous tourists, both local and foreign, who are staying in attractive hotels, among which one of the most famous certainly is the hotel “Maestral”. In the vicinity of Budva a famous exclusive summer resort – a town hotel – Sveti Stefan is located. In addition to festival attractions, tourists never miss the chance to visit some of the numerous places in Budva or its surroundings and enjoy an autumn sun in one of restaurants or at one of beautiful Budva beaches.

The Budva Riviera is located roughly along the middle of the Montenegrin coast, covering the area of 122 km2 with 17.000 inhabitants. It is situated at 42 ° 10 ‘- 42 ° 20′ north latitude and 18 ° 49 ‘- 19 ° 00′ east longitude. There are 17 small and large beautiful sandy beaches which stretch along the 25 km long Riviera, from the beach Jaz in the north to the beach in Buljarica, far south of the Budva municipality. Budva has typical Mediterranean climate with mild but rainy winters and long hot and dry summers. The average temperature in January is 8°C, while in July the average temperature is 23, 8°C. The average annual temperature is 15, 5°C (23, 1°C in summers and 9, 3°C in winters). With 2300 hours of sunshine annually, Budva is among top Mediterranean tourist destinations. Amount of precipitations per year in this area is 1.626 mm/m2.

The Old Town Budva lies on a small island which is connected to the mainland by a sandbank and converted into a peninsula. It is surrounded by a rampart, built at the end of XV century, which represents a medieval fortification system with town gates, defense walls and towers. In town planning terms, the town is a complex of narrow streets and small squares with valuable monuments of different cultures that marked its development.

Budva and its residents are keeping the mythical legend about the origin of the city with particular attention. BUTHUA, BUTOBA, BUTUA – today’s Budva – is hiding its name behind the most famous of authentic stories about the foundation of the city originating from the time of Stefan Byzantium from VI century. As it is written in the incites of the Filon from Bilbos from the II century A.D., the foundation of Budva is connected to the founder of the town Thebes, a mythical personality and the son of the Phoenician King Agenor – CADMUS. In fact, Cadmus and his wife Harmonia in their old ages were exiled from Thebes and on the ox driven vehicles they directed themselves to the land of the Enheleans – the eel people, (the oldest citizens in the area of Budva), where they have founded a new town BOUTHOE – Budva.

Today, the Budva Riviera is throughout the whole year very well linked by air, road, rail and shipping connections with all parts of the country. These links are particularly reinforced during the peak tourist season in the period from March to November. In the vicinity of Budva there are two modern equipped airports (Tivat – 22 km, Podgorica – 65 km).
Aside of being the city of tourism with gorgeous hotels and villas, Budva is also a city of culture and entertainment. The authentic monuments, like numerous churches, monasteries and fortresses, even today testify the past of Budva, and hotels, villas, discotheques, fancy beaches and beach bars testify the new Budva.

If you are visiting Montenegro for any reason – simply, Budva is your inevitable choice!