FREI 2018 awards

FREI 2018

Here we are at the end of our 9th meeting at the Festival of Real Estate Investments.

As we initially announced, there was no shortage of controversy, but also of wonderful, rich and dynamic content.

Of course, the final evaluation of the Festival will be given by You. What I heard preliminarily here was that it was very interesting and useful for You. We look forward to your suggestions and comments so that we can make  positive progress, especially since next year it is going  to be FREI’s 10th edition!

33 companies and institutions presented themselves at this year’s FREI, 19 of them through FREI Exhibition form.

FREI was visited by 336 registered individual participants.

This year, the Programs were implemented through several events such as “Invited Lectures”, “Success Stories”, “FREI Discourse”, “FREI Debate”, “FREI Presentation” as well as several successfully implemented panels.

At the proposal of the Program Committee, the Organizing Committee of Festival of Real Estate Investments FREI 2018, at the session held on May 9, 2018 in Budva, adopted the following:


  1. For contribution to the improvement of thematic regional cooperation in the area of ​​coastal resources management of the Mediterranean, the Award is given to the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro.
  1. For exceptional importance of the project for Global Economic and Tourism Development of Montenegro, Special Recognition Award is given to Portonovi by Azmont Investments.
  1. For exceptional contribution to the development and successful communication of the Real Estate segment in tourism appropriate to the status of Special FREI Partner, Special Recognition Award is given to Mr. Emanuel Tutek, Managing Partner at Horwath HTL.
  1. For conformity of the conceptual design of the project with the principles of sustainable development, the company “Northstar” is given a Recognition Award for the Montrose Montenegro project.
  1. For active contribution to the positive affirmation of the Festival of Real Estate Investments FREI, a Recognition Award is presented to Budvanska Rivijera Hotel Group.

FREI Organization Team most sincerely thanks the participants for their suggestions and ideas when putting together the program of this year’s Festival and for active participation in the program implementation.


See you at the 10th jubilee Festival of Real Estate Investments FREI!!

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