Monday 07/05/2018


Senkina đeca

The Podgorica-based music band of Senkina đeca is composed of four members Aleksandra Cvijetinović (main vocal), Dejan Ljujić (guitar and vocal), Ivan Tomas (bass guitar), Ivan Bakić (drums). The music directions they play shift within a triangle of rock – funk – blues. The audience is fond of this quartet because of the exquisite live sound and the cheerful atmosphere created at their shows.

Milena Vuković

Milena Vuković is a member of the Quartet Unique. She attended violin classes at the “Vasa Pavić” primary, secondary school, where she also took ballet lessons. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Cetinje in the class of professors Romano Simović and Grigorije Kraska. Milena has won numerous awards at national competitions as a solo violin as well as an orchestra. She performed with the Academy of Music orchestra at the associations of music academies and art universities’ projects in the region.Milena had a remarkable performance at the music festival “Espressivo” and was a member of the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra and the Opera Orchestra.For the last few years, Milena has been a member of the string ensemble “Amuletic” and the piano quintet “Sretto”. In addition to classical music, she also plays popular jazz and film covers music.

Tuesday 08/05/2018


Ansambl Toć

The sound of the music band Ansambl Toć guides you through varios quality music genres inlcuding funk, reggae, blues, rock and local hits performed in their unique psychedelic manner. The  group members are Jovan Ševaljević (guitar), Davor Marković (drums), Hrvoje Sindik (keyboards), Bojan Švaba (vocal), Philip Yaschevich (saxophone). The performance of Ansambl Toć guarantees an excellent entertaininment and great energy.


Wednesday 9.05.2018.


Nađa Janković

Nađa Jankovic will perform in the final night of the FREI festival on May 9th. Nađa started playing the guitar at the age of nine. She lives in Kotor, Montenegro. She has graduated elementary music school section guitar and section piano. Nadja is currently in music high school, guitar section, “Vida Matjan “ Kotor, Montenegro.
From september 2017. Nadja attending classes with prof. Stefan Schmidt from Germany. Nadja has given two solo charity concerts in the Church of the Holy Spirit and Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in Kotor in December 2013 and a solo recital in the Parliament of Montenegro, concert in Belgrade september 2015 and recital in Florence october 2015, solo concert in Rome in february 2016, solo concert in Kotor,Montenegro in march 2016 and solo concert in Podgorica, Montenegro in june 2016, solo concert in Wien in august 2016 and concert in Tirana in September 2016, concert in Stuttgart november 2017, solo concert in Tholey-Germany, march 2018.
She had guitar performances in Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, USA, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Macedonia , Greece, Austria , Albania, Bulgaria, Germany. She has received numerous awards.

Last years we were joined by:



Four ladies… Marija Mirković, Nataša Mihajlović, Jelena and Nevena Buča, are members of “The Frajle” band. Four vocals and two acoustic guitars cannot possibly bring to mind what “The Frajle”, in fact, are. Their remakes, which have been winning the audience since 2009, are their peculiarity, which distinguishes them from the other performers on the music scene and magnetically attracts the audiences of various musical directions and tastes.
…one show! “The Frajle” achieve what many cannot understand – at the same concert they hold the audience equally absorbed regardless of what they perform – from Russian-Gypsy music, to current pop-rock songs. Sometimes they give the impression of a cabaret troupe – the effect of their impressive costumes – which also make them significantly different from the rest of the scene.


Highway is a Montenegrin (from Podgorica) band that participated in the second series of X Factor Adria in 2015, and ended in fourth place. The band consists of lead singer Petar Tošić (1995), guitarists and back-up singers Marko Pešić (1994) and Luka Vojvodić (1995). They represented Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.[1] with “The Real Thing”.

Quartet Allegria

The string quartet “Allegria”, in existence since September 2015, when its members, who have been friends since their childhood, decided to combine their musical talents and begin a professional collaboration. In addition to classical music, the quartet also performs arrangements of pop, rock and jazz melodies. Its members are: Milena Vuković (violin), Ana Živković (violin) and Ilijana Blagojević (viola), who are members of the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra and Women’s Chamber Ensemble “MNE Muse”, while Milica Vujović, cellist, plays in the renowned Greek orchestra “Polytonic”.

Tatamata bend

Tatatamata is a band from Podgorica, composed of excellent musicians. The members of the band are: Renata Perazić-vocals, Mirko Sćepanović-bass, Gavrilo Radunović-keyboards, Mladen Nikčević-guitar-vocals and Pedja Marić-drums. With their great performances they spread positive energy, playing disco, pop, jazz and funk music,with elements of new commercial hits.

Assa Voce

Group Assa Voce exists 13 years and its rich opus presents in Montenegro, and abroad in many countries China, Russia, Luxemburg, Scotland, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina…They performe many hits, covers of old and traditional music, and they are very often presented as special guests on others musicians concerts. They participated a lot on many musical competitions, manifestations and festivals and for they work they have been awarded many times. Their gratest hit with many views is ” Sve jos mirise na nju” composition of famous Croatian composer Huseina Hasanefendic-Husa. They are regular participant of traditional Perast Klapa Festival, where in 2014 they won first place. The members are: Dapcevica Ilija, Nenezic Mirko, Jokic Petar, Malikovic Nebojsa, Nikocevic Jovica, Dobricanin Petar, Pavlicic Matija, Ivan Tomas, Dumovic Luka.

Crveno i crno

Crveno and Crno group was established in October 2003 and it consists from musicians who have significant experience, a lot of public performances, studio work, compositions, arrangements and musical productions. Crveno and crno  with their pop, rock, soul, funk and jazz repertoire during concerts entertain guests throughout Montenegro, and create a lot of great music, with which they show up in many competitions and festivals. The band members are Mihailo Radonjic, Sasa Jankovic, Goran Atanaskovic, Zivko Matanovic and Tina Dzankic. Adrian Ljudjuraj will join them on the stage.

Quartet Unique


Quartet Unique was founded in 2010 by four young and talented female musicians from Montenegro, who have been developing a slightly neglected musical composition, parallel to their own academic career. The composition in question is the classical quartet, consisting of two violins, a viola and a violoncello. Their broad repertoire was modeled on those of the famous international quartets that play evergreen music, film music and popular melodies from traditional music of peoples from all continents, in addition to the well known popular favourites of classical music. Talent, charm and grace they display during their performances open up new emotional realms and stir up the listeners’ imagination.

The quartet is composed of:
Verica Čuljković – violin
Tamara Krivokapić- violin
Anda Bushi – viola
Ana Dulović – cello



The Akademia rock band was founded on 2 October 2008 and consists of musicians who had previously participated in all of the most important bands from Bar since the late 1980s (Ponoćni ritam, Don Kihot, Bellmondo, Katapult). The lineup has stayed more or less the same since the very beginning, and they have been performing for the past five and a half years. Some of their most important performances include: playing at the main square in Bar alongside Zdravko Čolić (31 December 2008); Olive Festival in Old Town Bar in 2013 and several motorcyclist gatherings in Ulcinj. In addition to playing at the finest clubs in the cities of Montenegro, the band has performed in Albania several times (Tirana, Shkodër, Korçë), and in Tetovo, Macedonia. Some of the most important singers from this region that the band has cooperated with include: Adrian Lulgjuraj, Davor Vučetić, Renata Perazić, Andrea Demirović, Ognjen Gvozdenović and Marko Vlahović. So far they have recorded 4-5 original songs, with “Kad ode ljubav” (When Love Goes Away) of 2011 achieving particular success, being one of the most popular songs at the Montenegrin TV and radio stations at the time.

The band consists of the following members:
Ratko Stanisavljević – drums
Marko Mirković – bass guitar
Mladen Kovačević – keyboards, vocals
Gavro Ugrenović – vocals
Božidar Chicha Gagović – guitar, vocals


Štimung Orkestar i Ivana Martinović (Popović)


The Štimung band has been successfully performing folk and traditional music, including songs from Montenegro and other republics of former Yugoslavia during the past five years. All band members have been actively performing folk music for the past twenty years..

The band is very active in Podgorica and many other towns such as Budva, Kotor, Bar, Nikšić, and they are constantly booked to perform at events organised by major companies.

The band consists of:
Dalibor Nedić – accordion – vocals
Aleksandar Salgo – bass guitar – vocals
Marjan Dedivanović – percussion – drums
Pjetar Dedivanović – guitar – vocals

Ivana Martinović


She was the finalist of the first “IDOL 2004” contest of Serbia and Montenegro and the winner of the amateur contest “Intro Karaoke 2004” in Podgorica, which led to her participation at the music festival “Sunčane Skale 2004” with the song “Odlazim” (I’m Leaving), by Aleksandra Radović. The victory and the accompanying Golden Siren award at the “Night of New Stars” and the Bronze Plaque at the main event, “Song of the summer”, opened many doors at the musical scene of Serbia and Montenegro for Ivana. Participation in the inaugural “Radio Festival” of the same year provided radio stations and her listeners with a very strong duet with her colleague from the Idol competition, Ljuban Živanović, entitled “Srce kamenja” (Heart of Stones). At the final Montenegrin qualifying competition for the Eurovision Song Contest, she performed the song entitled “U oku tvom” (In Your Eye). In the past two years, she recorded three singles: “Slobodna” (Free, Sunčane skale 2012), “Dodaj” (Give Some More, Sunčane skale 2013), “Navika” (Habit, Montenegrin Musical Cocktail Compilation 2014), which were well received by the critics and the audience alike. She is constantly performing and creating new songs.