Festival of Real Estate Investments FREI is a significant regional event in this area, which is now traditionally held in Budva on the Montenegrin coast.

Our event has been carefully designed, using the best experiences of the leading worldwide real-estate gatherings, and through its versatile program taking place in various forms such as exhibitions, presentations-discussions, FREI provides a precise analysis of current investment moment in Montenegro and countries of the region. In addition, the Festival recognizes the global trends and offers projections of future developments in the real estate investment sector.

Festival of Real Estate Investment – FREI is a themed and selective event dedicated to the topics of investing and real estate sector development. The gathering is intended for the investors and commercial companies in the field of real estate, representatives of state bodies, infrastructure companies, and representatives of international institutions, professional and general public. FREI represents a modern form of exchange of information and experiences, as well as acquiring new knowledge, with the aim of strengthening the bases for a more efficient operation of the entities interested in the real estate investment sector.

At FREI, the investors have an opportunity to get familiar with the details of the state strategy and plans guiding the real estate sector, from the first hand, but also to influence, with their suggestions and proposals, in an organized and systematic manner, on the activities of the relevant state institutions. Of course, FREI is an excellent opportunity for promotion of the implemented and planned projects.

The fact that the event is supported by the Government of Montenegro adds up to the relevance and quality of the program concept. Executive organizer of the event is the consortium of companies “Biznis Link” from Belgrade and “RLC Montenegro” from Podgorica.

FREI always entails several program forms, among others, the FREI exhibition and the already well-known FREI programs such as „Success Show“, FREI focus, FREI tribune, FREI parliament…FREI is not a classical conference, seminar or fair. The festival is actually a multidisciplinary themed event, oriented to development of the real estate investment in the countries of the region. The gathering is intended for the investors and other commercial companies in this field, line representatives of the South-Eastern Europe states, representatives of the international institutions and professional public.

FREI is the hub for exchange of experience and getting new multidisciplinary knowledge, related to the investment development issues. This event creates a good base for a better institutional communication of the entities interested in the sector development, including the efficient and centralized communication between the investors and the state.

In the past years, FREI has become a necessary point of reference for serious investors, developers, space planners, infrastructure entities, architects, lawyers, bankers, agents and, of course, representatives of the state and local government.

In addition to the program quality, FREI is well-known for its organizational perfection, based on clear procedure and detailed logistics. FREI participants are already used to the absolute accuracy of the Organizer and, both when it comes to preparation for participation in the program, and when it comes to individual applications, provision for transportation, accommodation and other services. Accuracy in implementation of the agenda, full arrangement of the festival premises, availability of all the optional services and centralized management over the preparatory and implementation activities represent the well-known principles of Festival organization.

“FREI exhibition” is the “static framework” of the event, at which, through their exhibition and info-promotional points, the leading investors and their projects are presented, as well as the other companies, the activity of which is related to the real estate sector.

The other programs section comprises of the “ex-cathedra“ contents which take place at the Congress hall and other halls of the “Avala Resort & Villas“ hotel, in the form of company-project presentations, expert addresses at the invitation of the Programme Committee, round tables, seminars, discussion tribunes and panels…The Organizer attributes special attention to the selection of renown international experts who will, through their lectures at the Festival, present the newest accomplishments, attractive projects, developmental trends and other domains of the real estate sector.

In the structure of individual participants, the decision-makers from big companies, real estate professionals and other real estate VIPs prevail. As a rule, the Festival is attended by the ministers and other representatives of the line state bodies, managers of infrastructure companies, representatives of the accredited media, independent analysts…

When it comes to Montenegro, it should be mentioned that the FREI participants can get regular information on progress of capital projects in Montenegro, in the region and wider, and the festival character of the gathering arises from the selection of those to whom will be given the right of participation in the program, as well as the moderately competitive character of the event.

The fascinating coastal landscapes, the hospitality of people in Budva, and the comfort of the hotel contribute organizer effort to provide participants relax business atmosphere which will make it easier to achieve the goals of arrival at FREI.
In that sense, great attention is attributed to the follow-up and animating contents such as the welcome cocktail, outings, art programs, final seashore “evening with friends“…

By its precise thematic profiling of the gathering, stress on its communicational and coordinating mission, versatility of program forms and organizational perfection, FREI acquired an enviable international reputation, successfully positioning itself in the international calendars of the real estate gatherings. Such Festival, in addition to other effects, boosts interest in Montenegro and our region.

Due to all of this, it can be concluded that, with the FREI project, the consortium of consulting companies „Biznis Link“ from Belgrade and „RLC Montenegro“ from Podgorica was right on target.